Aircraft Sales

At CFS, we can consult on both new and pre-owned aircraft sales and acquisitions to ensure that you’re buying the best aircraft for the job. We consider pedigree, economy and efficiency, overall reliability, mission suitability, after-sales support, and operations and charter.

Whether you are a business owner or simply an aviation enthusiast, it goes without saying that investing in an aircraft is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

We offer end-to-end support throughout the sales process. From hangar to hangar, you are guaranteed an expert team to guide you through the process.  Our highly experienced team will assist you with every aspect of the sales contract and ensure that all relevant regulations and legislation are adhered to.

Over the years, we have established close relationships with relevant partners in the industry. This guarantees the highest quality products and services at the lowest prices.

Whether you are looking for a turboprop such as a Pilates P-12, or a Cessna Citation Jet, we can help out.

If you are currently in the market to purchase a reliable aircraft and would like to find out what options are available to you, talk to us. We can also assist if you have any questions about the general process or what your main points of focus should be.